Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Take Our Online Class

Richard Byrne of FreeTech4Teachers and I are going to be leading an online course.  In "Teaching History Using the Web," we take you through the process of developing engaging, web based history lesson plans.  The course features three interactive online meetings along with a discussion forum in which you can further interact with me and Richard and your classmates.  The course meetings are August 27th, September 3rd and September 10th at 8 pm EST.  Click here to register today or read on for more information. 

For $97 you will:
  • Learn how to develop a Google Plus community for professional development and instructional purposes
  • Develop an online Professional Learning Community
  • Learn how to draw virtual maps
  • Learn how to locate and help students find online primary resources
  • Find and use virtual tours on the Internet
  • Find and use flipped videos
  • Create your own flipped videos
Click here to register.  

If you are a FCPS teacher this is a different course than my "Enhancing the Classroom Using the Internet" which will I will be teaching on Thursdays starting Sept. 25th (more the last week of August when registration opens)


Ngoc PA said...

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Brenda Akers said...

Very nice, That's a good news for me. I'll give it up one try, Thanks for sharing this post. I'm in need to take this class for learning about history of web.